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[Powderworks] cloudland - dreamworld

ribman@manthey.com.au ribman@manthey.com.au
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 08:58:55 +1000

I probably should have noted that the Breakfast Creek Hotel, another Brisbane 
heritage icon sits at the bottom of the hill where Cloudland was demolished.  
Thanks for the thanks ... 8)

Oh, and the "King of the Mountain" is an annual athletic challenge undertaken 
by runners at Mt Cooroora (150km north of here), which stands above the 
small country town of Pomona - some 20kms from where PG was identified 
by a Pomona local as owning a tract of scenic rural land.

AN EXTRACT =>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
DON™T MISS: Each year, over the fourth weekend in July, mountain 
runners from all over the world come to Pomona for the famous King of 
the Mountain foot race up Mt Cooroora. These fitness fanatics actually run 
up to the peak of the 439 m volcanic plug.

Cheers again

On 25 Mar 2003 at 17:07, Bruce Robertson wrote:

> Thanks for the great links Rob, and for helping us understand this song better. (at least those of us 
> in far away places who'd never heard of Cloudland) 
> Honestly, I always wondered what that line really meant. Firmly rooted in the real world, as usual. 
> Gotta love the Oils. BTW"Dreamworld" stands in my books as the greatest Oils anthem of all time, 
> and captures what the band is all about IMHO. (Coolest video, too) It's got all the essential 
> Oilyelements - tragedy, rage, wonder, awakening, and superb rocking - I'm still awed, what a 
> monster tune. 
> cheers, 
> bruce in calgary 
> Rob Manthey <rob@soficient.com.au> wrote: 
>     browsing found a reference to the root of the dreamworld song ...
>     ie: brisbane's cloudland ...
>     http://www.google.com.au/search?q=cache:iH4C5SHVw_QC:www.st.net.a
>     u/~dunn/locations/camplunapark.htm+%2Bcloudland+%2Bbrisbane&hl=en
>     &ie=UTF-8
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