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In the US we also have a recent program of institutionalized
mistreatment of minorities - the infamous Tuskeege Institute Study of
Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male, which began in the 1930's and,
unbelievably, continued up until about 30 years ago, if my memory serves
me correctly.  Medical treatment was deliberately withheld from black
men in the American South who were infected with syphilis, although the
men thought they were receiving treatment for what was colloquially
known as "bad blood."  Even when effective treatments were developed in
the 40's, they were withheld.

The distrust of the medical community among black Americans persists to
this day, and with good reason.  Although this study led to changes in
medical ethics, very little has ever been done by the medical community
to own up to what they did and restore trust among minority Americans.
Did today's doctors perform the study?  No, few are still living.  Are
doctors who didn't participate personally responsible?  No.  Is it their
responsibility to reach out to the community whose members were
irreversibly harmed and do whatever it takes to prove that minority
Americans will be treated fairly?  You bet your life it is.  Apology is
about freely acknowledging this awful thing and doing what it takes to
make sure it never happens again, and yes, in some cases that may mean
that income redistribution to those affected is fair and morally right.
- Beth
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Whoa there, no need to get offensive!

Surely you guys are talking at cross purposes. Matt said he didn't want
to apologise because it was not his personal fault. Damien surely you
not saying it is John Howard's fault! And surely Matt does not mean that
Government was not to blame. John Howard could apologise on behalf of
Government surely and not accept any personal blame?!

So what is the problem with John Howard apologising on behalf of the
Government? Surely the Government can't deny guilt when these things
happening only a generation ago. The Government after all is more than
the present administration. You wouldn't expect governments to shirk
responsibility because it happened under a different administration.

Julian Lewis Shaw
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> You were right about starting to get shit thrown around with that
> you little Redneck Fuck!!
> Paul Keating said sorry and publicly revealed the horrors these people
> through (in his great speech in Redfren Park in 1992) and were there
> millions of dollars in phony law suits then??? no
> Just the beginning of a public understanding and support for people
> missed out on it for too long!
> And all Howard has done has brought it upon himself to waste our tax
> dollars turning back every bit of landmark policy Keating put in
> i am pissed off and yes i am a Keating and Gough Whitlam fan! so
> shoot me!!!).
>             All the best wishes to the non Redneck Fucks out there who
> not responsible for hate and xenophobia and the need to support the
> who want to bomb the living daylights out of women and children for
> Oil!!!!!!,
>                                         [name removed].
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> >
> >The "stolen generation" policy was particularly directed at
> >children, most of whom were illigitimate.
> >
> >At the beginning it was intended to help the children not harm them -
> >give them "proper" living conditions & not "live like animals".
> >
> >Most of the children were given training so that they could become
> >or
> >cooks, or something similar for the girls and most of the boys became
> >stockmen working with the sheep & cattle (& they do make brilliant
> >stockmen!)
> >
> >Aboriginals were seen as animals with very limited or no intelligence
> >you could do what you wanted with - hunting them for sport included -
> >that is how they justified taking the children away from their
> >
> >So even though it started out with good intentions it quickly became
> >of a monster.
> >
> >Just to throw a bit of thunder around - do you think John Howard owes
> >Aboriginal people an apology for the Stolen Generation?
> >
> >Personally, I don't think he should apologize. He didn't have
anything to
> >do
> >with the policy so apologizing is admitting guilt for something he
> >nothing to do with.
> >
> >I think Australia as a whole (and especially the politicians involved
> >dreaming up & implementing the policy) should apologize - say we are
> >that it happened - but I don't think we can or should accept the
> >responsibility for it (not to mention the millions of dollars of law
> >that would follow).
> >
> >Matt
> >
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