Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils Fit

Tari, Vince fstariv1@NMHG.com
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 16:19:16 -0600

A few lines from these 2 songs sum up the feeling for me at the moment ;

>From Blossom & Blood - 
"All the people with dreams, all mothers with sons 
All people with dreams never woken at night by the sound of guns"

>From Minutes to Midnight -
"I look at the clock on the wall 
It says three minutes to midnight 
Faith is blind when we're so near"

"I.C.B.M's, S.S.20's they lie so dormant they got so many "

No explanation required really.


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Greetings Fellow Workers of the World,
Some of us have been sharing how the Oils have surfaced in surprising and
almost mystical ways during the day to day living out of our lives. Given
the current crisis, the Oils seem to speak louder than ever and, as usual,
directly to the heart of the matter. So here's a question:
Which Oils song seems most relevant to the drama unfolding in the Cradle of
Western Civilization?
I find myself humming "KOSCIUSKO" lately. "Call off the ultimatum until
yesterday" and "No stranger to brutality...no end to the hostility..." and
especially "older than Kosciusko" really resonate. There are a score or more
other tunes, but KOS gets my vote for the most relevant in light of last
night's presidential address.
Please, no need to comment on your own hawk or dove orientation (or anybody
else's)  just what you hear the songs saying.   :)
bruce in calgary
"Where is the hope of a clean tomorrow?
Hope only offers when justice is coming,
Now is the time to heal"  ~ MO

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