Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Rock and Roll HOF

Matthew Marzullo mmarzullo@usa.com
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 10:30:07 -0500

Thought I'd chip in my 2 cents on this...

Elvis Costello gets inducted by Elton John (who by the way, let f-bombs fly every other word...real classy), then goes out to play two songs, the first of which is...Watching the Detectives? NO...Alison? No...Everyday I Write the Book? No..Deep Dark Truthful Mirror?  Bingo! I'm a pretty big EC fan, and there's no way in the world I would have guessed he would play this song as the first in his 2 song set (if he did play a third, it didn't make the re-broadcast).  Of course he followed up with Peace, Love, and Understanding, which Oils fans should know well.

My point is, although it would surprise me, it wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility, if at such an occasion, the Oils ripped out a lesser known tune that the general public might no know, but that their true fans would dig...maybe something like Sometimes, Only the Strong, Lucky Country, or Bullroarer.

As for the Clash, did they not play at all, or did their performance just not make the broadcast?  I can think of a number of reasons, no Strummer or Topper Headon (is he still not allowed to enter the US)?  And when was the last time Terry Chimes picked up the drumsticks?  Other than Elvis, I tuned in mainly to see the Clash, so I was a little disappointed when they didn't play.  Oh well...

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