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[Powderworks] Scream in Blue and funny story (LMOC)

Phil Stanton phil@eqsystems.co.uk
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 00:05:00 -0000

Might be funnier if Pete wasn't actually saying "wise 
management", but it's quite funny as a mis-heard lyric. :-)


On 18 Mar 2003 at 10:51, Lina Yune wrote:

> I would like to share a very silly, but funny conincidence that
> happened last week.  I was driving home from work on Thursday.  It was
> finally nice sunny day, so I had my sunroof wide open, and Scream in
> Blue blaring quite loud. 
> Well, I am sure you know that there's that rant that Pete does right
> between Progress and Beds are Burning.  It's an intro speech that goes
> :  People of Australia....etc....then goes into repetitive howling
> "Waste Management....". 
> Well, right when that rant went on, I turned onto our small
> residential street.  Thursdays is our waste pick up day, and our pick
> up was late.  The company who picks up our waste is called "Waste
> Management".  So, here I am driving with "Waste Management" blaring
> out of my sunroof full volume.  Finally, when I was turning into our
> driveway, one of the pick up guys couldn't help, but ask about it.  Of
> course, the only Oily song he knew was Beds and Blue Sky, but when I
> explained, we both had a good laugh. 
> Lina
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