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[Powderworks] Rob Hirst - what next?

Beth Curran bcurran@columbus.rr.com
Sun, 9 Mar 2003 17:54:13 -0500

Hey, C-ko, I got a haircut yesterday and while I was waiting, I leafed
thru their stack of fashion mags and was surprised to see GQ had done an
all-Oils issue!  And here I've been completely unaware that Our Lads had
any ties to the men's haute couture industry.  Articles included:

Peter Garrett's Tips on Where to Find Really, Really Oversized Clothing
for the Big and Tall Male

Interview with "Bones" Hillman:  Celebrate Your "Unique" Features:
Hell, Without Them I'd Look Like any Other Schmuck, and Who Wants That?

OK, Mistakes Were Made, But at Least We Eventually Learned Our Lesson:
The Wonderful, Horrible History of MO Video Fashion 

Martin Rotsey:  Why a Guitar is Still the Best Accessory

In-Depth Interview with the Band - I read part of this one, and so far
as I recall, it went something like this:
GQ:  Rob, you must admit you have made a significant contribution to the
band's efforts to add some females to the fan base.
RH:  Well, yeah, I think some of the songs I've brought to the band have
had some qualities that our women fans like.  I mean, the blokes all
want to see the Oils go off, but I think the women like to get a little
more intellectually involved.
BH:  Oh, please!  He's talking about yer bum!
RH:  *whacks Bones upside the head* Why did we ever let this yob into
the band anyway?
MR:  (thoughtfully) No, he's right, Rob, it IS your bum.
BH:  Hell, I like it too!  I mean, it's really tight and..
GQ:  (interrupts) Well, it definitely works for ME.
PG:  And the pretty face, you know, you gotta acknowledge that too, I
mean, SOMEBODY in the band has to have one, and you kind of got lucky,
or unlucky, depending on how you look at it I guess.
JM:  Don't look at me.  I prefer to ugly myself up a bit from time to
time.  You know, the beard, the hideous striped pants, that sort of
RH:  Oh, come on! (turns to Bones)  As if you don't walk around all day
with that "damn-I'm-good" smirk plastered across your face!  (shakes
finger at Pete)  And you watch it, big man, or I'll spill the beans
about you-know-what!
GQ:  Do I detect a note of scandal?
PG:  Somebody's gonna find out sooner or later, I suppose.
RH:  Pete's taken dance lessons ever since he was a kid - tap, ballroom,
you name it, but mostly ballet.  The only reason he left off was he got
too damn tall and his dance partners started to get vertigo during the
lifts.  All that twitching and sticky-foot stuff is just something he
made up.
PG:  It's all true.
GQ:  Now let's talk hairstyle.  Martin, I notice you've been remarkably
faithful to the classic slightly tousled
(at that point I got called to get my trim, and by the time I got done
the magazine had mysteriously vanished, never to be seen again)
- Beth

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So. Our intrepid hero is in three bands simultaneously, penned songs for
Olympics, and has now written a book. 

So, what next? 

Here are my top 5 predictions:

1. Opens the Rob Hirst School of Punk Botany in Sydney.
2. Tries out for, and makes, the 2008 Australian Curling Team.
3. Appears on Iron Chef, and wins Battle Vegemite. "The creative use of 
	spinifex as a garnish is breathtaking!"
4. Prime Minister. Of Canada!
5. Movie Star. Hugh Jackman could be his stunt double. More Hollywood
	need Australian drummers as protagonists.

I'm hoping for 3,


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