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[Powderworks] Re: So.....what's next? Suze de Marchi

Tribe Goddard daznsam@webone.com.au
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 19:26:59 +1100

Nuno Bettencourt was the dude she married, met him once when Baby Animals
played at the Quenbeyan Leagues Club, real nice but quiet guy.

I thought she was in the States also but a mate mentioned it so I thought
I'd ask around. Even if she was in the US the wonders of technology would
mean they could still work together.

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> I am under the impression that Suze left for the U.S. several years ago
> her marriage to a guy from Extreme...  is she back in Oz?
> Alexei
> "Tribe Goddard" <daznsam@webone.com.au> wrote:
> G'day all,
> A friend of mine who is quite close to an ex Oil's brother has heard that
> the guys might be working with Suze De Marchi (Baby Animals). Anyone heard
> anything?
> Cheers
> Daz
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