Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Rob's Book - Willie's Bar & Grill

Jane R bunge91@hotmail.com
Fri, 07 Mar 2003 17:00:52 +1100

Hi All,

Found this info on Pan McMillians website about Robs book due to be 
published on the 1st May. Sounds like a great read. Especially the last 


Willieís Bar & Grill (being the bandís hangout after gigs - their tour 
managerís hotel room) charts the US tour for Midnight Oil's most recent 
album Capricornia; a tour that took place directly after September 11. Taken 
from notes Rob made in his diary every day, it details how ordinary 
Americans appear to be coping after the catastrophic events of that day. In 
amongst this more serious side, thereís a great dose of humour - stories 
about the characters the band meets, the places they go, some of the gigs 
(good and bad) they performed, what itís like to be home, and personal 
portraits of the members of one of the most respected rock bands in 
Australiaís history.

Shortly before finishing this book, however, Peter Garrett, the charismatic 
lead singer of the band, decided to call it a day. In a revealing final 
chapter, Rob talks about this decision and what it means for a band thatís 
been together for so long.

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