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[Powderworks] Teacher Confession

Terry Johnson tenacious@cyberback.com
Sat, 1 Mar 2003 00:35:01 -0600

Fine!  Just drag it out of me!  :o)

Though I teach Physics now, at one time I taught upper-level high-school
math. (not much difference between the two)  One year I had decided to try
my hand at 3D animation, so I resigned my position without telling any of
the students.  There was one particular class I was quite fond of and knew I
would miss them.  On the last day of school I put the video to BSM on the
VCR and told them that if they had learned nothing else from me the whole
year, I hoped they at least understood this...

I had preached the gospel according to Pete all year, so they had a passing
knowledge of what the band stood for, but they had never seen any of their
videos.  It was very . . . special.

Most high-schoolers don't understand or don't care about the state of things
outside their little bubble.  These guys were different.  One student stayed
until everyone else had left and then asked me if I was leaving for good.  I
didn't know how to respond except to say that I might see him again someday.
He shook my hand and said, "Thank you."

After a couple of years in digital production, I'm now a teacher again.


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Ok, I must come clean.  I am a teacher (high school physics), and I
have used footage of Midnight Oil to try to enhance my lesson (kinetic

I know Powderworker Bruce has used the Oils in his classroom.  Are
there any other teachers on the list who will confess to engaging in
these Oils-appreciation indoctrination tactics?

-Jim W.

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