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[Powderworks] Train crash on Sydney to Wollongong line

Karena Hoyer karena@between2shores.com
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 23:51:57 +0000

Hi everyone,

Bad news from my section of the world today, a southbound train from Sydney 
on the way to Wollongong derailed and the front smashed into a power pole 
just south of Waterfall station before 7:30am. Thankfully it was a 
southbound train - if it was a northbound, hundreds of people would be 
dead/injured, including myself. So far 7 people are confirmed dead.

If this had of happened 12 hours ago, with the Sydney-Wollongong commuters 
heading home it would've been a larger disaster.

My train, and many others had to stop because the power was lost. There 
would be about 4 trains stuck with people in them because of the power loss. 
The train line will not be re-opened today at this stage. So if you're like 
me and have to get back to the Gong tonight, if you've made it to work at 
all so far, you'll be catching a bus.

I only hope no-one on any of these lists has lost a relative or friend in 
this disaster. Every Wollongong commuter is feeling sick to their stomachs 
today, but thanking our lucky stars, we all know it could have been any one 
of us in this position.


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