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Tom Spencer tr_espen@yahoo.com.au
Sat, 11 Jan 2003 09:26:40 +1100 (EST)

Dear Powderworkers,

Peter Garrett has been interviewed (I know not when)
by Richard Kingsmill of Triple J,(Aus. Broadcasting
Corporation's youth radio network) in a book titled
'The J Files Compendium'. It runs for about 3-4 pages,
and includes the following description of the words
from 'Wedding Cake Island' (off the 'Bird Noises' EP).

PG: Martin Rotsey wrote that. He had a flat in north
Coogee overlooking Wedding Cake Island (in Sydney
Harbour) and it was a flat where there was never any
food in the fridge. Like none! But he just came in
with it one day and we did it when we were at the
Music Farm (outside Byron Bay). And of course because
it was an instrumental, it went well (laughing).

RK: Were you asked at any point to try and put lyrics
to it?

PG: Yeah, I've thrown some lyrics across it. But it
was just a rave against LJ Hooker. A libellous
dissertation on real estate agents destroying the soul
of the Australian coast line and the fabric of it -
typically Midnight Oil, I guess. But it didn't really
suit it, and when we listened back to it a couple of
years later, it wasn't lame, but it was tame. It
wasn't quite as wild as we thought it was. IT REALLY
DESERVED TO STAY IN THE VAULT. (emphasis added by a
shocked transcriber who thinks that although it wasn't
the Oils' best effort, this sentiment is overstated.)

Also, does anyone know one can get a copy of 'Kiss the
Girl', or at least the lyrics for it?

Tom Spencer,
11th of January, 2003

God knows it's been fun.
         - 'Feeding Frenzy', by the late Midnight Oil  (1977-2002)

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