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re [Powderworks] PG will play song of the rivers in parliament

Mathias Hermansson hermanator51@hotmail.com
Fri, 03 Jan 2003 07:47:39 +0000

Thanks for letting us know. To us Swedes, Rhode Island is just some pink 
sauce which you pour over sallad and hamburgers and which is responsible for 
the obesitas-epidemy that is overtaking our country while we watch people 
starve to death on television...


>For those not of US origin, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US. 
>At only 1,212 square miles (3150 square km) it is frequently used as a unit 
>of measure when one wants to emphasize how large something is since it is, 
>after all, the size of a whole US state!  For instance, one single forest 
>fire in my native Oregon last summer burned an area nearly two-thirds that 
>of Rhode Island (never mind that at least three Oregon counties are at 
>least the size of Massachusetts ...).
>This makes for sensational press on the eastern seaboard where states are 
>small, population is high, and many people live entirely indoor lives 
>and/or rarely leave the neighborhood of their birth. My mother in law, 
>Boston born and bred, will call me up and say things like "be very careful 
>when you go out there and visit your parents ... I hear that fire in 
>Ary-gone is almost the size of Rhode Island!" - never mind that it is 400km 
>from anywhere I planned to be.
>At 08:48 PM 1/2/03 +1030, Anna Offler wrote:
>>Dont know about Rhode island but 1 MCG is probably about 1 and a half 
>>Yankee standiums. A large sporting arena indeed! It is to most Australians 
>>as Wembley is/was to England or Yankee Stadium to the US, Sydney excepted 
>>as they play that game where men with no necks and brains jump on each 
>>The main standium for the 1954 Olympics.
>>A place where Pete's beloved Bombers play( sorry Pete being from Sth Aus 
>>we are one eyed Crows fans and may the Crows be playing there next 
>>See website 
>>Lew and Anna

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