Midnight Oil

SV: [Powderworks] least favourite song per album

Graeme Qewe mortenwebstar2 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 13 20:06:12 MST 2003

Yeah well, I guess it would be pretty self-explnatory, that since you would 
think my least favourite compilation consists of better songs than your own, 
just as I think yours consist of better songs than mine do.
Originally I didn't like Dust that much either, but lately I like it more 
and more, it's so great - phew, that organ! I can understand why people are 
put of by Naked Flame, and it isn't a favourite of mine either, but still 
pretty nice. And I love Someone Else To Blame (Gifford is very underrated), 
Bushfire and Sell My Soul (especially the unplugged version). I agree that 
the SIB version of Burnie is better than the original one, but it's still a 
mighty song.
Who Can Stand In The Way and Pictures aren't favourites of mine either, but 
they are great songs, I couldn't get myself to vote on the first because of 
the "Precious moments precious few, when the dollar's more than me and you, 
it's a joy of forgetting..." etc. I love that part, and the one with Jesus 
And Antartica is one of my fave songs, I love the strings, such a mood! 
Knife's Edge and Concrete are good too, so that IS a mighty compilation 

Funnily, then D&D, BSM and E&S&M was the albums I had easiet on chosing a 
least favourite (alongside Breathe). For me the debut, Head Injuries and 
PWAP was the hardest ones. I really do love Powderworks, I just love the 
others more....


>Bjorn Blomquist bjorn.blomquist at mbox301.swipnet.se Sat Dec 13 04:44:54 
>MST 2003
>Yes, of course it would have been a different song list if I'd actually
>make a "worst of" Oils. This is just a "least favourite" from each
>album, and most of them are good songs indeed. For example, on a true
>"worst of" compilation I wouldn't include any song from the DAD, BSM and
>E&S&M albums.
>However I think the list that Graeme made up is even stronger than
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>Ämne: Re: SV: [Powderworks] least favourite song per album
>For a worst of collection, that is one mightly strong album.
>'This is a mad house....you'll be lucky to make it till Tuesday'
>Message date : Dec 12 2003, 12:53 PM
>From : Bjorn Blomquist To : 'Graeme Qewe' , powderworks at 
>Copy to : Subject : SV: [Powderworks] least favourite song per album
>I also had the idea of doing this, so here is my take on a "Worst of
>Midnight Oil" collection:
>1. Dust
>2. Naked flame
>3. Knife's edge
>4. Someone else to blame (or "Burnie" because it was later released in
>much superior version!)
>5. Somebody's trying to tell me something
>6. Who can stand in the way 7. Pictures
>8. Sell my soul
>9. Antarctica
>10. Bushfire
>11. Sins of omission
>12. Concrete
>13. Been away too long
>I too left out the live albums.
>On 'Diesel' I don't really have a least favourite song - or maybe
>rather "The dead heart" because I've got tired of it. Also on BSM and
>E&S&M there are no weak songs, but if I have to choose...
>The hardest choices for me were those from 'Postcard' and 'Red Sails',
>because I actually think both albums lack of *really* strong songs.
>of the songs are just "good"...
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> > Ämne: [Powderworks] least favourite song per album
> > > > This least favourite song selection got me thinking, which > song 
>would you > Powderworkers choose as the least favourite per album.
> > > Yes I now it's torture, and many of the songs I choose here, > are 
>songs I > truly love, but it could be fun :-)
> > > 01. Powderworks
> > 02. Cold Cold Change
> > 03. No Times For Games
> > 04. Quinella Holiday
> > 05. Only The Strong
> > 06. Best Of Both Worlds
> > 07. Progress
> > 08. Beds Are Burning
> > 09. Shakers And Movers
> > 10. Tell Me The Truth
> > 11. Home
> > 12. Redneck Wonderland or What Goes On
> > > Ok, I'm ready to take all your criticism for my selections (I > guess 
>my > disliking of the 'famous' songs really shows through!) - but > know, 
>that I do > love most songs listed here.
> > > All in all, I guess Shakers And Movers, Tell Me The Truth and > Home 
>are the > only songs I don't really like. I didn't include Scream In > Blue 
>and The Real > Thing because I don't remember how each live track was on > 
>that particular > release. And honestly I haven't heard all of Capricorna, 
>so I > don't chose > from that either.

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