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[Powderworks] Virgin Ears (was Oils and Prog Rock)

Bruce Robertson the_oil_fish at yahoo.ca
Tue Dec 9 12:54:53 MST 2003

Greetings All You Rock n Roll Purists,
Why would anybody criticize ELO (or Oasis) because they aped the Beatles? Anybody who's picked up a guitar since 1965 has been influenced by them unless they lived in a cave. And the Beatles of course were aping rock n roll acts from America, intentionally at first...hey, there ain't nobody pure as the driven snow.
I knew a player who didn't listen to SRV because he prefered to 'go to the source' and listen to Hendrix. Well, please, such prudery! (actually Albert King might've been a better choice.) I guess we do like to draw our own lines, eh?
If I was pressed to find anything original in rock n roll, I'd put my money on Memphis pre-1960. In my mind, it all started there, when Afro soul met Anglo/celt on the upper delta...the rest is history.
Now let's please leave poor old Jeff Lynn alone.   ;)
bruce in calgary
btw, I too dislike Oasis because that snivelling vocalist makes my trigger finger twitch, not because they're unoriginal. And "Roll Over Beethoven" rocks by Chuck Berry or the Beatles...but I confess imo the ELO "cover" version kicks arse.

Andy Gillcrist <andrewg at nwlink.com> wrote:

I, too, must speak up for ELO. I had all their albums, and
I'm not ashamed to admit it!

At that time in my life I remember also liking Styx, Queen,
and the Alan Parsons Project. (And I still do! :)


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and no - ELO is not shameful. some of there stuff (particularly
between eldorado and out of the blue) is awesome

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