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bgerkes bgerkes at synthmusic.info
Mon Dec 1 03:31:04 MST 2003

on 28-11-2003 15:37, Terry Johnson at tenacious at cyberback.com wrote:

Well, my personal story:

I did never hear anything from the Oils (except the Blue Sky Mining song,
which entered the charts here in the Netherlands, and which I liked, but not
so much at that time, that I would buy an album from them).

I used to go into record shops, pick out a few albums from bands I do not
know and listen to them in the store on the headphones and sometimes you
come accross something interesting that way.

Anyway, one day I felt really bad and to compensate those feelings I went
into town to buy me some music.

But I couldn't find anything interesting. Then, going through the "M" in de
cd-boxes I came accross that unbelievable cover from "Breath" :-))

I picked it out and listened to it in the store. I was blown away by the
dark raw sound of some tunes and was immediatelly convinced this was
something special.

As a christian, I won't buy any album just like that, because I find lyrics
just as important and nice in a song as the music itself. And the lyrics on
Breath seemed very interesting in that matter, so I bought the album and
never regretted it. It's one of my all time favourits. I play it more then
any U2 album and believe me, there is no bigger U2 fan in town then I am

Somehow lyrics from certain Midnight Oil-songs seems "religious" to me
(Barest Degree for sure), though most of them are not in the category "heavy
gospel" :-))))

So my question would be: are one or more member of Midnight Oil christians?

Regards, Boele

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