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[Powderworks] NEW Guitars that sing? (NMOC)

Heidi Shenk nedkellytheking@hotmail.com
Thu, 28 Aug 2003 18:02:17 -0500

Thanks for elaborating a bit more on the G&L Bruce!!!  I definitely agree 
with you...they are great guitars and are way too underrated!  I would 
definitely suggest them to anyone looking for a nice guitar!


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From: Bruce Robertson <the_oil_fish@yahoo.ca>
To: Michael <mbtigger@charter.net>
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Subject: Re: [Powderworks] NEW Guitars that sing? (NMOC)
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 18:41:49 -0400 (EDT)

Alright then Mike, I'm a sucker for a guitar thread! You simply MUST try a G 
& L guitar, any model is going to be well-made and delightful, but I'm 
especially fond of the Legacy. This is the basic Strat design taken to 
perfection by the master himself ie. Leo Fender (the L stands for Leo, the G 
is for George Fullerton, Mr Fender's partner all those long years.) Anyway, 
they are one of the most underated guitars on the market, and therefore you 
can pick one up used for a great price relative to what you'll pay for a 
Fender. (CBS  bought Fender from Leo in the mid 60's, and Leo was careful to 
point out that neither he nor G & L were associated with Fender 
Corporation.) I'm not trying to trash Fender guitars - they're great -but 
they're overpriced IMO and not as well made as G & L's. I hope you'll try 
one, they are awesome and lovingly built with the player in mind. You can 
learn more about them at:


If you're feeling bold and unconventional, head down to your local Parker 
dealer and grope a Fly. They too are exceptionally well made and play like a 
dream, and they weigh only 4 lbs. Once you get past the grotesque look of 
it, the Fly is a masterpiece! I really like the 3 pick up model, but they're 
all cool and play beautifully.

Finally, if you want to spend big bucks try the PRS semi solid, 'McCarty' I 
think it's called. I spent a couple of hours with one and was smitten. But 
they weigh in at about 5 ginos Canadian...

Oops, one more thing. Two former students have recently bought Epiphone 
knock offs of the venerable Gibson 335 (my personal favourite and main 
squeeze) and they are superb guitars for the money. Of course, they are 
Korean, but they play well, stay in tune and sound very good.

Good luck and enjoy!

bruce in calgary

Michael <mbtigger@charter.net> wrote:

I brought this up a little before, but I want to see people expand on it.
While I love the sound of those '61 Strats and '64 Rickenbackers, What are
the best off the shelf guitars today.?

People have mentioned specific makes (ie: Gretsch, Rickenbacker, etc)
What about Specific Models? is there a specific model of guitar that you
played recently that impressed you and - should still be available in the
guitar shops?

Just curious - every day I get a little bettter at playing and I start to
think about fiddling with an electric...


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