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[Powderworks] Rob on CNNN Chaser

jeffm@jeack.com.au jeffm@jeack.com.au
Fri, 29 Aug 2003 08:32:52 -1000

i caught CNNNN last night and if it's not the best show on telly, then i'll
eat my hat (basted with a dandruff and urea marinade)!!!

and then when rob came on, i nearly fidgeted my way out of my own skin and
became a thorough nuisance to my sister and her boyfriend who were (part)
watching at the time.

i'd have to agree.  rob just doesn't know how to play music.  that kid was
streets ahead.  he knew how to work the audience.  his FEEL of his chosen
instrument was miles in front of rob's hacking away (in some misguided
belief that he knew what music was about.)  the kid had IT.  chutzpah in

hmmmph!  some people take themselves so seriously!!!

cheers all.


>Heard Will and Adam on Triple JJJ this morning say Rob would be in a
>buskathon on CNNN Chaser News on the ABC at 9 tonight. Apparently he is up
>against a kid and didnt do too well! Never work with small children or
>Lew and Anna
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