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[Powderworks] NEW Guitars that sing? (NMOC)

Heidi Shenk nedkellytheking@hotmail.com
Thu, 28 Aug 2003 17:27:08 -0500

I recently played a G&L ASAT which I almost bought.  I really liked the 
sound of it.  G&L was founded by the original guy that started Fender Co. I 
believe and the ASAT is a lot like the Telecaster.  It has a really great 
twangy sound to it.  You can get a used G&L for a pretty good price...the 
one I almost bought was $550 US, but I've seen nice ones for half that 
price.  You can still get good Fenders that are new, but unless they are a 
cheaper Mexican or Japanese made version you'll still have to pay a bit.  
The American custom made Fenders are the nicest...that's not to say the 
Mexican or Japanese factory models don't sound good...they do, but they 
aren't as good quality.  The price difference between an American made and a 
Mexican/Japanese made Fender can sometimes be as much as $1,000 for the 
American and $250 for the latter.  I also have a Strat copy Alvarez that I 
picked up for $250 US used and I've been pleased with it.  It's not the best 
guitar in the entire world, but it definitely worked well for me when I 
first started out on the electric.  It has 3 pick-ups and you can get a bit 
of a strat sound out of it, but it leans more to the hard rock sound of 
Aerosmith in my opinion.

If you're looking for something more top of the line...I think some of the 
best guitars that I've ever played are Gibson, Rickenbacker and Gretsch...I 
don't remember the specific models though cause they were just guitars that 
my dad had in his shop for repairs (these are the bonuses of being a 
luthiers daughter :-) ).  Which leads me to say...the best acoustic guitar 
that I've ever played was one that my dad just recently finished.  It was a 
cutaway with beautiful rosewood back and sides...I nearly cried a couple of 
weeks ago when he told me that a guy came in, played it for half and hour 
and then handed my dad a credit card wanting to buy it on the spot!!  So 
that guitar that he built is long gone, but he plans on building a guitar 
for my sister and one for myself once we have both settled down...definitely 
something to look forward to! :)  Ok...I'll stop rambling about guitars 
now...they're just something that I get a little excited about...lol. :)


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From: "Michael" <mbtigger@charter.net>
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Subject: [Powderworks] NEW Guitars that sing? (NMOC)
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 11:50:37 -0700

  I brought this up a  little before, but I want to see people expand on it.
  While I love the sound of those '61 Strats and '64 Rickenbackers, What are
  the best off the shelf guitars today.?

  People have mentioned specific makes (ie: Gretsch,  Rickenbacker, etc)
  What about Specific Models? is there a specific model of guitar that you
  played recently that impressed you and - should still be available in the
  guitar shops?

Just curious - every day I get a little bettter at playing and I start to
think about fiddling with an electric...


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