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Kate Parker Adams kate@dnki.net
Thu, 28 Aug 2003 08:49:22 -0400

It is also sad when people and organizations justify actions in tune with 
the way corporate profiteers behave just because "it's for a good 
cause".  That's kind of like Plato's elusive "benevolent dictator" - the 
fundamental paradigm is wrong, not the values of leadership executing it!

Exactly the sort of thinking that has ruined the Democratic party as a 
moral force in this country.  That and any number of "pressure groups" that 
think it is okay to treat their employees like low-wage slaves and use 
slimy tactics to shut out unions.  Such mindless righteousness lacks 

At 01:57 PM 8/28/03 -1000, jeffm@jeack.com.au wrote:
>I think that speaks for itself.  Yeah, they agree with the Gaia cause, but
>having someone brand their own work as Midnight Oil, when the band just
>offered a few instruments and a voice, is NOT the way the oils work.  I
>think it is sad (whilst ironic) that a band who has gone to such great
>lengths to protect their work from profiteers has been taken for a ride on
>what is ostensibly their "last release" in the general public's eye.

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