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[Powderworks] Set list - LA 24th September '93?

Heidi Shenk nedkellytheking@hotmail.com
Fri, 15 Aug 2003 10:26:05 -0500

Speaking of Hothouse Flowers...I highly recommend them for those of you that 
have not heard them before.  Just thought I'd throw that in as one of the 
many recommendations that have been made on the list so far.  I'd suggest 
the album 'Songs From the Rain.'  I think that's their best one...the music 
is really awesome (it makes you feel better if you're having a bad day), and 
the lyrics are great too for those of you that want lyrics with substance 
like the Oils.


Every cry is a song
Every song is a prayer
Every prayer must be heard
To fill the air
           -Hothouse Flowers

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From: "Andy Gillcrist" <andrewg@nwlink.com>
To: "Alister Thomas" <a_thomas@bigpond.net.au>, 
Subject: RE: [Powderworks] Set list - LA 24th September '93?
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 01:52:24 -0700

Hey Alister (and anyone else wondering about this),

First, to avoid perpetuating any confusion here, just let me mention that
date of this show was 6 Oct 93.  On 24 Sep 93 the Oils played the Schnitz in
Portland, OR.  (My home town, btw!)

As far as my own limited exposure to Hothouse Flowers can determine, the
song titles for their set were the following:

   Hardstone City
   One Tongue
   Don't Go
   Hallelujah Jordan
   Sweet Marie
   I Can See Clearly Now
   Thing of Beauty
   Be Good
   This Is It (Your Soul)

If any of those wrong, I'm sure other HF fans here will correct me

   :)  Andy

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 > Subject: [Powderworks] Set list - LA 24th September '93?
 > Does anyone have the tracklist for the Hothouse Flowers set that appeared
 > on the 2nd disc of the 2 CD set which was recently on offer to the list??
 > The CD starts off with the last 2 Oils tracks "Now or neverland" & "Land"
 > and follows with 9 Hothouse Flowers tracks... seeing as though I'm not at
 > all familiar with them, thought I'd ask and see if anyone else knows.
 > Thanks (in advance)
 > Alister

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