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[Powderworks] 10 years already! Clayoquot Sound Protest

The Monkey Family julian@monkeyfamily.freeserve.co.uk
Wed, 13 Aug 2003 08:41:43 +0200

Saw them live last year in London and they were just awesome, blew me away...I 
wouldn't judge them on a couple of bad performances.


>===== Original Message From curtis carter <arcticbstrd@netscape.net> =====
>Did you see them on that tour????  Maybe it was just their Toronto
>performance, but it was rather subpar..granted i wouldn't ask for my
>money back after a full day's festivities and good roster of bands for
>under $35.  I might have liked them better had what'shisface -Gord
>Downie.. not done the same "Oh my god, this is too trippy, I'm going
>insane" rant 2 nights in a row!  it was so lame i lost all respect for
>them as a live performance...that and they never bothered to change
>their setlist..what's with that?  So, take some water and deal with that
>cough.  I was a fan of their earlier stuff and liked fully
>completely...but i judge a band on their live performance...although i
>have to say that i rather sheepishly pretended to be a big hip fan when
>Martin was telling me how great their Music at work album was at their
>secret Real Thing gig in July 2000 - Thanks again for that Krusty.
>dschultz29@hotmail.com wrote:
>> *Cough!*
>> "The hip sucked on that tour..."
>> Now, I'm not a slavish fan, they've gone way down Trouble at the
>> Henhouse, but pray tell, how do you figure the Hip sucked on the first
>> ARA tour? Cuz even today they are a force to be reckoned with live,
>> and certainly with Fully Completely they were right at the peak of
>> their recorded glory and had a ton of live energy.
>> Were you never a fan to begin with? I just have to know...
>> Cheers,
>> Dave
>>> From: curtis carter <arcticbstrd@netscape.net>
>>> To: jasmith@cim.mcgill.ca
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>>> Subject: Re: [Powderworks] 10 years already! Clayoquot Sound Protest
>>> Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2003 12:19:53 -0400
>>> hey james...if you want to get technical, the 10 year anniversary was
>>> a few weeks ago.  They did the show before the Another Roadside
>>> Attraction tour kicked off which is why it made it a bit more special
>>> that the Oils interrupted their family vacation and did that show.  I
>>> think it occurred near the end of their 3 week vacation.  That was a
>>> cool tour, and the SARS-stock music festival last week reminded me of
>>> the only music festival I went to...the Hip sucked on that tour but i
>>> have to give them credit for putting the whole event together.
>>> jasmith@cim.mcgill.ca wrote:
>>> Howdy, folks,
>>> So I got to hear some live Oils on the CBC radio this morning.  It
>>> turns
>>> out that this weekend is the ten year anniversary of the protests at
>>> Clayoquot Sound in British Columbia, Canada.  So the CBC was
>>> broadcasting
>>> a story about the event, the reunion this weekend and the continuing
>>> logging (by Interfor) there.
>>> Anywho, it was pretty cool to hear a live clip of "Beds" (the Oils were
>>> touring Canada at the time and decided to stop by and support the
>>> protestors; the "Land" single was recorded around the same time... in
>>> Calgary, if I remember correctly).  The sound quality wasn't great, but
>>> I'm not complaining!
>>> If you're interested in finding out more about Clayoquot, check out the
>>> following pages:
>>> * Map, etc. of the Sound: http://web.uvic.ca/clayoquot/home.html
>>> * http://www.clayoquotbiosphere.org/
>>> * Peter Garrett at the protest:
>>> http://www.bcgreen.com/~samuel/clayoquot/pics/mocsdemo.jpg
>>> * Another shot of Peter:
>>> http://www.bcgreen.com/~samuel/clayoquot/pics/mocstalk.jpg
>>> * Sarah McLachlan (1):
>>> http://www.bcgreen.com/~samuel/clayoquot/pics/sarah1.jpg
>>> * Sarah (2): http://www.bcgreen.com/~samuel/clayoquot/pics/sarah2.jpg
>>> * A clearcut on the Clayoquot shoreline:
>>> http://www.bcgreen.com/~samuel/clayoquot/pics/shorecut.jpg
>>> * More photos: http://www.bcgreen.com/~samuel/clayoquot.html
>>> -James
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