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[Powderworks] new music recommendations.... NMOC

Beth Curran bcurran@columbus.rr.com
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 10:58:10 -0400

Here is what NOT to listen to......
My husband has gotten onto a Rammstein kick.  He usually listens to
Tull, Men at Work, and various blah overproduced Celtic, so while I am
happy to think his musical horizons are broadening, this is not exactly
what I had in mind.....If he persists in listening to this crap while
I'm around, I swear I'll get out my old Trio vinyl and make him pay
through the nose...and since he too is possessed of a Hirst-style beak,
this is not an idle threat. - Beth

BTW re Knopfler, the man is a genius, pure and simple.  Anyone remembah
the airplane landing lights Dire Straits used to put above the stage for
the big chord in Private Investigations, and the wall of heat that would
hit you a few seconds after they flashed them?  Wish he and 2 other
guitarists whom you might be able to guess would record together....ooh.

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Most of these are not new, but the might be "New" to you....

I have been on a "Better Than Ezra" kick lately. They are a trio from
Orleans with a whole range of influences. Each of their albums sounds
different from thier last. Thier first major Label release "Deluxe" has
psuedo-country influuence that reminds me a bit of REM - But only a bit
you.  I would also reccomend "How does your garden Grow" as a great
assault" album, that is completely different from "Deluxe"

If you are a fan of the Oils and The Cure you might want to Pre-Date
them by
a few years and pick up Elvis Costello's "My Aim is True" or "This Years
Model". You might already have them in you collection - but if you don't
would Highly advise it. Classics like "Pump it up" and "Radio Radio"
these albums on High rotation on my cd player.

What else is on high rotation on my CD player? Toad the wet sprocket's
"Coil".  My favorite Toad album - and thier Final release of all new
material. Brilliant CD - makes me upset that they are no longer

And lastely something you might NOT like, but I think is one of the best
albums of the last 3 years. Mark Knopfler "Sailing to Philidelphia".
Listening to the way he makes his guitar sing on that album almost makes
want to cry.

If anyone wishes to critique my choices and tell me why they are great
why they stink - You are welcome to do so. Not much else is happening on
list - Although I will be starting my EO2 tree next week - I have
decided to
make my own 2CD compilation with the I and I show and the best of the
Unplugged show - and that will be part of the Tree..

See you later


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