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[Powderworks] new music recommendations.... NMOC

Kate Parker Adams kate@dnki.net
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 10:51:34 -0400

We should all, as always, remember to check out our local artists and local 
scene - those of us who have one to check out that is ...

I find college radio stations and a&e sections of truly local weekly papers 
do a great job of using youthful energy and time to narrow and describe the 
field a bit.

The quality my vary widely, but the energy, potential and, most important, 
the passion are usually there.

At 10:59 AM 8/10/03 +0100, Julian Shaw wrote:
>OK here are a few that maybe you should check out as your tastes are not a
>million miles from mine:
>Robert James (Aus - also in GANGgajang) - simply for his one solo album
>"Susannah Suite" which in my opinion is one of the best albums ever
>recorded!! Any fans of "The Fatal Shore" by Robert Hughes should check out
>this album - it's awesome!
>The Tragically Hip (Canada) - you'll find them harder to get into that the
>Oils but they are well worth it, and they have plenty of material out there
>to obsess over.
>Kent (Sweden) - Awesome band with great tunes, fantastic production,
>interesting lyrics (when in English and you can understand them)
>Sigur Ros (Iceland) - atmospheric music which is great if you are in the
>right mood.
>Placebo (Int.) - great guitar rock music with sometimes very good lyrics.
>K's Choice (Belgium) - Great tunes, good solid rock music, intelligent
>Spy V Spy (Aus) - great political rock music similar to Oils but without two
>guitars and perhaps not quite as complex.
>Manic Street Preachers (UK)- A bit too revolutionary communist sometimes
>with their lyrics but some great tunes and some good lyrical ideas...well
>worth checking out their first three albums, especially the "Holy Bible"
>which is a masterpiece.
>The Superjesus (Aus)- Really up there with the raging guitars and great
>singer. Highly recommended.
>The Church (UK/Aus) - Layered atmospheric rock music...plenty of material to
>get your teeth into.
>Paul Kelly (Aus) - one of the most prolific, intelligent singer songwriters
>in Australia
>Mick Thomas/Wedding Parties Anything (Aus) - one of the other ones...
>Neil Finn/Crowded House (Aus/NZ)- especially if you are a fan of The Mutton
>Birds and Bic Runga!
>Mark Seymour/Hunters and Collectors (Aus) - Mixture of Crowded House and
>poppier Oils side. Great tunes.
>Billy Bragg (UK)- something to keep the political mind ticking over...his
>work with Wilco on Woodie Guthrie songs is very highly recommended.
>The Jayhawks (US) - Surprisingly good country rock!
>Neil Young (Canada) - just because there is plenty to obsess over!!
>Should be a good starting point...
>Julian Lewis Shaw
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> > Hey, gang...  I'm a HUGE fan of Midnight OIl and Ned's Atomic Dustbin, but
> > am in the bittersweet position of having all their music and copious
> > bootlegs...  in essence, I'm looking for new bands to obsess over!  So,
> > I'm asking you all if, based on the below list of bands I love, you could
> > suggest new bands for me to check out, and hopefully point me towards some
> > mp3s to whet my appetite.
> >
> > I'm a huge fan of The Oils, The Neds, REM, Possum Dixon, Furnaceface,
> > Faded, Chapterhouse, The Mutton Birds, Bic Runga, and The Cure... does
> > this list bring any bands to mind for you guys?
> >
> > thanks in advace, and sorry for being off-topic...
> >
> > hold together,
> > Mike "Elixir" Blackwood
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