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[Powderworks] new music recommendations.... NMOC

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OK here are a few that maybe you should check out as your tastes are not a
million miles from mine:

Robert James (Aus - also in GANGgajang) - simply for his one solo album
"Susannah Suite" which in my opinion is one of the best albums ever
recorded!! Any fans of "The Fatal Shore" by Robert Hughes should check out
this album - it's awesome!

The Tragically Hip (Canada) - you'll find them harder to get into that the
Oils but they are well worth it, and they have plenty of material out there
to obsess over.

Kent (Sweden) - Awesome band with great tunes, fantastic production,
interesting lyrics (when in English and you can understand them)

Sigur Ros (Iceland) - atmospheric music which is great if you are in the
right mood.

Placebo (Int.) - great guitar rock music with sometimes very good lyrics.

K's Choice (Belgium) - Great tunes, good solid rock music, intelligent

Spy V Spy (Aus) - great political rock music similar to Oils but without two
guitars and perhaps not quite as complex.

Manic Street Preachers (UK)- A bit too revolutionary communist sometimes
with their lyrics but some great tunes and some good lyrical ideas...well
worth checking out their first three albums, especially the "Holy Bible"
which is a masterpiece.

The Superjesus (Aus)- Really up there with the raging guitars and great
singer. Highly recommended.

The Church (UK/Aus) - Layered atmospheric rock music...plenty of material to
get your teeth into.

Paul Kelly (Aus) - one of the most prolific, intelligent singer songwriters
in Australia

Mick Thomas/Wedding Parties Anything (Aus) - one of the other ones...

Neil Finn/Crowded House (Aus/NZ)- especially if you are a fan of The Mutton
Birds and Bic Runga!

Mark Seymour/Hunters and Collectors (Aus) - Mixture of Crowded House and
poppier Oils side. Great tunes.

Billy Bragg (UK)- something to keep the political mind ticking over...his
work with Wilco on Woodie Guthrie songs is very highly recommended.

The Jayhawks (US) - Surprisingly good country rock!

Neil Young (Canada) - just because there is plenty to obsess over!!

Should be a good starting point...

Julian Lewis Shaw
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> Hey, gang...  I'm a HUGE fan of Midnight OIl and Ned's Atomic Dustbin, but
> am in the bittersweet position of having all their music and copious
> bootlegs...  in essence, I'm looking for new bands to obsess over!  So,
> I'm asking you all if, based on the below list of bands I love, you could
> suggest new bands for me to check out, and hopefully point me towards some
> mp3s to whet my appetite.
> I'm a huge fan of The Oils, The Neds, REM, Possum Dixon, Furnaceface,
> Faded, Chapterhouse, The Mutton Birds, Bic Runga, and The Cure... does
> this list bring any bands to mind for you guys?
> thanks in advace, and sorry for being off-topic...
> hold together,
> Mike "Elixir" Blackwood
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