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[Powderworks] Waltzing Matilda-acoustic oils

Travis Zanoni TravisZ@actf.com.au
Mon, 28 Apr 2003 10:07:47 +1000

If you ever come across a copy of a really early 80's show, I think
somewhere in Melbourne, Martin & Jim fool around with Waltzing Matilda while
Pete hangs some shit on Malcom Fraser....and I quote, "Malcom Fraser...get
fucked!!!" and then they burst into Stand In Line.  It's fantastic.  And I'm
not even really old enough to remember much about Malcom Fraser....I just
like hearing Pete swear.  He was so good at it.  Now if it's swearing you
are after then I suggest the Death To Disco gig...."come here you c..."

I'm sure this is how Pete would like to be remembered.

That's enough cussing for one post.

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In light of the Acoustic Oils discussion someone mentioned Waltzing Matilda 
- being an avid guitar strummer and no more -  would love to know the chords

for that song. Does anyone have access to them? I think Andy Gilcrist 
mentioned it.

Here's hoping


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