Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Luritja Way on KPRI LIVE TRACKS VOLUME 1

Scott Williams weddings@scottdulcimer.com
Fri, 25 Apr 2003 17:59:59 -0700

to add to that....I went to the KPRI show last night at Borders to promote
some of the local talent playing at a street festival this weekend, and they
discussed the LiveTracks album.  The album benefits Voices for Children, and
when asked how KPRI could put together a compilation like this, they
responded that Neil Finn and the like gave their music for this cause.  Not
surprising that Midnight Oil is on there... I didn't know that.  Thanks for
the tip.

> KPRI, the San Diego radio station that promoted the Oils for there March
> 2002 show at the 4th and B,  has produced their first benefit CD.
> Appropriately Midnight Oil plays Luritja Way on track 1.  Only three
> thousand of these CDs have been made, I was just sent a link to order
> through Walmart.
> This KPRI link will tell you more and link you with purchase site.
> http://www.AuthenticRock.com/livetracks.htm