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SV: [Powderworks] Semi-MOC:Promos & royalties

Magnus Holmgren oznut@swipnet.se
Sat, 26 Apr 2003 13:14:09 +0200

Even if they once did receive royalties, these records will never be re-issued so whatever money they get from them they already have. I can't see why copies of things like these should not be traded. I say trade and copy anything that is not available to buy from retail or the artists themselves.

On a similar note: Is there really a difference between buying a second hand CD and making a copy of it, from a royalty point of view?? Food for thought...


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Subject: [Powderworks] Semi-MOC:Promos & royalties

> Do band members accrue any royalties from promo releases such as Green
> Disc, interview discs, Best of B-sides, etc?  So far I'm not putting
> anything like that on my trade list, operating under the assumption that
> the band must get some kind of income from these and that therefore it's
> not appropriate to trade copies of promos.  Is that right? - Beth