Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Tree Structure - Part 1

Midnight Oils Tree Midnight Oils Tree" <MOilTree@hotmail.com
Fri, 25 Apr 2003 10:45:57 -0500

Here is the structure (Australia branches will be in a second email).  If
you have trouble reading it, contact me and I can send you a Word file with
it.  Disks going out to six top branches tomorrow so folks under them should
contact the main branches immediately.  Simple art will be posted on
JeffScott's site in a couple of days.  I will post when it is up.

If there are problems, contact me.  Note that I will be traveling for two
weeks starting next Tuesday.  If you do not receive a speedy reply, please
be patient.  Enjoy the Oils music - especially since not much more is every
likely to be played in the future I guess.  And please remember - these are
for trading only.  Don't sell or buy bootlegs.  Spend the money on Oils
commercial releases or your favorite charities (IMHO).  Eric

1.      Cheryl Hogan ooiiilllss@hotmail.com New Jersey 2

1.1.1.      Melissa Dollas, melissa06@aol.com, New York 5

1.1.2.      Marianne Gardner, mdutchone@mindspring.com, Charlotte NC

2.      Andy Gillcrist, andrewg@nwlink.com, Washington 5

2.1.1.      Tim Towns, towns@us.ibm.com, Colorado

2.1.2.      Ms. Taylor Martin-Bowes caycethecat@hotmail.com CA

2.1.3.      Diana Lewis, ak_lewis@juno.com, Alaska

2.1.4.      David Quirk, davidquirkoils@hotmail.com, New Jersey 3      Tom Davies minuteparticular@yahoo.com.au Maryland      Heather Myers, sydneygb@earthlink.net, Pennsylvania      Dan Heaton, dnheaton@yahoo.com, St. Louis, Missouri

3.      Stuart Ferguson, stuart_ferguson@hms.harvard.edu, Massachusetts 5

3.1.1.      Chris Nelson, sporto219@att.net, Connecticut 2      Rob Matthews, robert.w.matthews@power.alstom.com      Martin Bradburn mgbljb@ids.net Rhode Island

3.1.2.      Matt Towey, matttowey@hotmail.com, US-Illinois 3      Joseph Mortell, joefabi@msn.com, Illinois      Terry Moore, TVMoore1@aol.com, Springfield, Illinois, USA

3.1.3.      Mark Guenther, moecurlythanu@hotmail.com , Ohio USA,
Dan Brunner dmanwi@yahoo.com  Wisconsin      Jeff Bond, jhbond@nc.rr.com, Raleigh, NC

3.1.4.      Craig Jacobson, cjake@pipeline.com, New York 3      Dave Walker, thekeep@pacbell.net, California      Ron King, ronking@dslextreme.com, California      Beth Curran, bcurran@columbus.rr.com, Ohio 3

4.      Pete Poitras, pete.poitras@the-spa.com, Massachusetts 5

4.1.1.      Richard Meijers larrikin@lineone.net  UK  3      Stephen Scott, koala_sprint@fsmail.net, London, U.K.      Vesa Laine, Vesa.Laine@mbnet.fi, Finland

4.1.2.      Jay Montgomery SHOWDOG25@HOTMAIL.COM INDIANA 3      Jill Sweetapple, sweetapplej@bellsouth.net      Vengu, vengu@umsl.edu, St.Louis Missouri      Heidi Shenk, nedkellytheking@hotmail.com, Indiana

4.1.3.      Randy Van Vliet, bigdaddyrv@yahoo.com, California 3      Steven Moore  smmmdpowderworks@hotmail.com   California      Brad Hentz, bradh@sourcebooks.com, Illinois, USA 3      Tom Giffey; giffey@cvol.net; Eau Claire, WI

4.1.4.      Miron Mizrahi, mironmizrahi@yahoo.com, CA, 3      Tony Dastolfo, tonyis@the-loo.com, Reno Nevada      Mike Bawolski.  bawolski@aol.com  Los Angeles, CA      John Roth, spoon.surfer@verizon.net, Washington