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[Powderworks] Waltzing Matilda-acoustic oils

Andy Gillcrist andrewg@nwlink.com
Tue, 22 Apr 2003 11:40:44 -0700

Yep, that was me.  It's not "Waltzing Matilda" itself, but "And the Band
Played Waltzing Matilda", just to make things more confusing.  The chords
are easy, it's just G, C, D, and Em.  I haven't seen them written down
anywhere, but if you have a recording of the song, it's way easy to play
along with.  Except, the only recording I have of it is slightly off key, so
it sounds a bit painful unless I retune.

If you want, I can tab it out for you when I get a few moments.  And if
you don't have a recording, let me know and I can send you one.


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> In light of the Acoustic Oils discussion someone mentioned
> Waltzing Matilda
> - being an avid guitar strummer and no more -  would love to know
> the chords
> for that song. Does anyone have access to them? I think Andy Gilcrist
> mentioned it.
> Here's hoping
> Pete