Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] * Tree: POSSIBLE CHANGE and Second Announcement

Midnight Oils Tree Midnight Oils Tree" <MOilTree@hotmail.com
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 21:38:26 -0500

Second announcement follows.  I am thinking of expanding the tree to 10
disks.  Folks who signed up as branches, let me know your preferences.
There has been a nice version of October 10,1996 recorded off a radio
broadcast around and a number of folks have it.  But, I have listened to a
decent audience recording and discovered that the FM bcast omitted one song.
I have done a composite with all the FM bcast plus the missing song in its
correct spot plus an in-studio appearance the band made earlier in the day.
If folks want this, I'll include it in the tree.  Branches, let me know your
preferences (I'm not asking leaves because they can always tell their
branches they do not want it and that will not cause inconvenience).

For those who missed it before:

Time to circulate more works of artistic merit from the unique, special
Oils! Before going further, its important that I emphasise that this is for
trading only and that no copies should be sold, auctioned or anything else
like that. That would be completely against the spirit of this list and the
Oils. Indeed, I hope most will already own the vast majority of the Oils'
commercial releases, both because they are wonderful and also so that
the band can continue to make a living from its creativity and hard work.


The tree will be 8 CDRs with four shows, each with their own unique

October 6, 1993 Los Angeles - disk two also contains set by openers Hothouse
Flowers and also HHF join Oils on encore song "Land"; recorded on DAT and
then transfered from DAT clone to CDR

August 28, 1993 Atlanta - decent audience recording on DAT and then
transfered from DAT clone to CDR

June 22, 1990 Irvine Meadows - Oils joined on "Beds are Burning" by the
openers, Hunters & Collectors"; recorded onto analog cassette, transfered to
DAT and from DAT to CDR; some small cuts for tape flips and before encores;
at end of disk 2 are two radio interviews done at time of Scream in Blue
Live and Earth, Sun, Moon

November 4, 1988 San Diego - bit more audience noise but really high energy
show; recorded onto analog cassette, transfered to DAT and from DAT to CDR;
some small cuts for tape flips and before encores

This has been a labor of love - lots of time was spent tracking these down,
borrowing them from the owner, transfering to CDR, making setlists, etc.

Spots in the tree are available for branches and leaves. Branches must
agree to do b&p if their leaves request, on a 1:1
basis - no 2:1 or similar things. If you are reading this and do not
understand how trees work, go to the following web page for a
description: http://hyperrust.org/Rust/TapeTrees.html


To sign up as a branch, send a return email with the following information:

in subject line: BRANCH LOCATION #
where location is your country or state (if U.S.) and # is the number of
copies you will make for leaves (e.g., BRANCH NORWAY 5

in the message body, all on one line please provide:
Name, Email address, Location # (e.g., Petra Garrett,
oilsaregreat@hotmail.com, Norway 5)

If you branched on the other trees we did, just include your latest trading
list. If new,
below that please tell me what equipment and software you use to extract and
burn discs and then lastly please include your trade
list or link to your trade list. All of this information is needed to try
to ensure we have experienced folks branching. Also, there may be a few
things to pass along in 4-8 weeks so please let me know if you are willing
or are not willing to branch a second time. Reusing the same structure would
save a lot of time.


To sign up as a leaf, please send a return email with the following

in subject line: LEAF LOCATION
where location is your country or state (if US)

in the message body,
on one line please provide
Name, Email address, Location


Do not expect a reply to your email immediately, but I will post the
structure within 1-2 weeks of closing the offer. Unless
there is some emergency causing a delay. I will post the structure as soon
as it is ready. While I do not intend to be slow about all this, I would
appreciate patience by all participants. I have run many trees over
the years and they always get done but I sometime run into somebody
who gets very impatient. In any event, the seeds and art are already done
for the branches at the top of the structure so once the structure is
it will move quickly.

Also, there are no guarantees that everyone will get disks. The tree will
be limited by the number of volunteers we have to serve
as branches for this big set of disks. But, I'll bet there will be at least
5 branches which means that even if they only handle 3-5 leaves each,
a lot of copies will go into circulation. If you get left out as a
leaf, I hope you understand. You should be able to post for the tree.

Also, this will be an unmonitored tree -- that is, I will not be checking to
see that it is moving smoothly. It is up to leaves
and branches to tell me of a problem and then I will get involved. If you
do not tell me, I will not know about the problem.

Hope that is clear. Looking forward to spreading the good tunes from this
great band.