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[Powderworks] No more procrastination....

Kate Parker Adams kate@dnki.net
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 20:06:39 -0400

Oh, so you can come help me work on my grant proposal ... lets start you 
out on the detailed financial sections ... BWAHAHAHAHAHAH

At 07:14 PM 4/17/03 -0400, Rhonda wrote:
>Finished the term paper (end result 24 pages - a proposal for a
>biosphere reserve) at 2:18am last night, and had my general exam this
>morning, which went very well...some changes in courses for upcoming
>terms, but for the better, I think.  My advisor is one awesome guy!
>The sense of relief is immeasurable....drove home from work today with
>E&S&M at full blast.
>How are the rest of you study-bound slaves doing with your projects?
>Rhonda  (girl)
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