Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] BSM Quiz Answers (+ Oils lyrics) / German radio

Yasmin Dalati yasmindalati@web.de
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 20:56:43 +0200

knowing the "meaning" behing the songs....i was listening to this extremely
stupid radio station here in berlin last week ("if we're to loud, then
you're too old")...they usually only play crap, but this time they were
playing bsm...anyway, after the song, the radio station guy said "well, here
you see what's possible in dreams and in music...that was "blue sky" by
midnight oil...but that's not true at all...our sky is gray and it's
snowing". i mean, he doesn't have to know the meanig behind the song, but he
could at least recognize the full title...back to procrastination

> At 11:46 PM 16/04/2003 -0400, Kate Parker Adams wrote:
> >The town was Wittenoom
> Whereabout's in Oz is this?? I've often wondered whether the lyrics in
> sky mining were based on a particular time/place in mining history of if
> were a general cry of dissatisfaction...
> And speaking of Oils lyrics I have, for years and years, had my own
> interpretation/s for a lot of them (usually the more obvious ones, such as
> 'Beds are burning') - but there are plenty of others with lots of
> background to them that may not be readily apparent to the listener if
> haven't done their homework ('Harrisburg' is a good one that comes to
> particularly, I think, for younger members like myself (I'm 27)).
> Given this, can anyone on the list recommend a good resource (or similar)
> on the web that covers interpretations/background of Oils lyrics (no
> particular era) - assuming such a resource even exists!
> If so, that'd be great (or any other help) as I've often wanted to know
> more about so many of the songs, over the years...
> Alister