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The Oilman TheOilman@new.rr.com
Sat, 12 Apr 2003 13:37:44 -0500

First off, please put your foolish politcal commentary as NMOC, as I am
extremely sick of hearing everyone's take on the matter and maybe I am alone
but doubt it very much. We get overloaded with information the way it is,
and I can find every possible analysts take on the war online, I don't need
my mailbox full of crap like this. Either mark them NMOC or take up your
political debates person to person not acorss the globe in Powderworkers

Felipe has a history of stirring the pot, I love how he tries to throw this
back in Virgil T. Morant's face. Virgil, a well articulated, long time
powderworker AND most importantly for Felipe's silly mail: AUSTRALIAN. No he
didn't have the father, son, and Ronald Reagan. No he didn't put Saddam in
power, or any of your other silly suggestions about what Virgil somehow
contributed to. Remember half of the Americans didn't vote for Bush, so how
is it now suddenly their fault that he was elected? Ridiculous.

I want to read about Midnight Oil, that's why I've been on Powderworks for
the last 9 years. NMOC means delete to me, and your e-mail DEFINITELY falls
into that category.

Ignorant, yes that is what your e-mails always sound like. You forget that
Americans don't always support the governments decisions or have the
officials they wanted in office, so no we didn't all put someone in power or
cause someone to get elected, your anti-American sentiments probably never
will be accepted kindly.

My remarks are titled NMOC as I don't want others to waste their time
reading crap like I just had to waste time to write but I am hoping it saves
me time in the future getting rid of all this mail I have no intention of
reading. My apologies to anyone we read this and are sick of the endless
politics as well.


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Subject: [Powderworks] rules and US

> Hi Virgil.
> First point, when I say anti-americanism I'm talking about the political
> statement against US intentions to rule the world for their own benefit.
> Second point, I guess PG talked about the values of your country (are
> the same values for your government?) and your forefathers, he was
> thinking also in Australia. Both countries was made over the death of
> thousand aboriginal people, but in some time in history you need to find
> your roots, where are them? just in the forefathers who started to boukd
> after destruction.
> Third point, pre-emptive war is an agression against humanity. You built
> Saddams' empire in Irak, have you forgot it? Also Bin Laden have been a
> Family with many business related to US interests. So this pre-empite
> invasions and occupations (Afganisthan and Iraq) are just a revenge
> between gangsters, saddly, innocent people have died in the middle of
> this terrorist actions, including the victims of the Twin Towers. This
> is going to be legal (as your president's election) but it is legitimate?
> Finally, when I see Bush, I see a drunk, a sick man, a pig who ┐thinks?
> that the end will justify the means. Also I can see George Orwell's "Big
> Brother". Anyway, you have had the father, the son and Ronald Reagan,
> are you proud of it?
> escrutador
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