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Timothy Towns towns@us.ibm.com
Fri, 11 Apr 2003 09:45:40 -0600

Jacque, I think you have left out a very large consideration when you
consider motives.  How about power and control of the global picture?  My
take would be that this is THE most important consideration for Mr. Bush
and his administration.  We need friendly governments in the region who
will allow us to put permanent US military bases in their country.

The war with Iraq was in the works even if 9-11 had NOT occurred.  9-11 was
just a nice excuse to go in.  Consider that the Bush administration has
purposely tried to connect Iraq with the Islamic terrorists to such an
extent that polls here in the States show 40% or so believe Saddam was
personally responsible for the WTC attacks.  Anyone who has researched the
relationship between Saddam and the terrorists knows they hate each other.

As far as having terrorist attacks in the States again...  We are
unprepared (way to big and difficult a job given the time to react and the
rate of our economy).  Having it happen on Bush's watch is increasing in
probablity with each day since the US has taken military action against an
Middle Eastern country.  Our Homeland Security Department tells the
citizens to go out and buy duct tape and plastic sheeting.  We are NOT
prepared and we have increased the chances of terrorist attacks.

Let's find non-violent ways to solve problems.  I do not want my country to
use military force when other means are possible.

My two cents.

Tim Towns

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 >Talking about the war, is it just me or are 50% of the coallition
casualties killed by friendly fire and
 >helicopter crashes? A bit ironic don't you think?

Ironic?  No.  Friendly fire casualties in that range have been a normal
figure for war - although at least on the American side (don't know about
the Brits) I think it somewhere more around 20%.  Friendly fire casualties
in WWII are estimated at 35-40% or more.  This is a normal consequence of
waging war.

Oh, and so I don't clutter the list up, to respond to Lew:

 > You must have star spangled eyes If you dont think that American Govt
 > its business partners are not after the control of oil to preserve its
 > of life and most importantly get Dubya re-elected as it's economy
 > from this and the post war recovery contracts.
 > Since when has it ever been interested in democracy in other countries
 > unless it matches US business interests.

Not to go into gory detail of everything you wrote, but your perception of
things over here loses some definition by distance.  I have watched my
government, and in particular Pres. Bush, over the last year or so, and you

can see in his eyes and hear in his voice exactly what the motives for this

conflict are:

5%  Economics.
95% Making sure that nothing even resembling 9-11 *EVER* occurs on his
watch again.

Economics is part of everything, so there is no way it has NO
bearing.  However, this conflict is still very much about 9-11.

Given that Saddam is consuming people at a rate of ~60,000 per year
(reference my last email), the number of civilian casualties due to this
conflict will hit break even within a month of Saddam being gone.  Any way
you look at it, even if you think the American government's motives are
despicable, this war is a good thing.

Take care.


"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

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