Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Wanna trade for NO MAN'S LAND????

Mike Blackwood mikeb@cs.mun.ca
Fri, 11 Apr 2003 09:23:34 -0230 (NDT)

Hey, gang... the shipping costs to get the single sent to Canada are 
exorbitant, so I was hoping someone on the list would buy 2 copies and 
trade one to me in exchange for goodies off the below list. (Hey, this 
idea has always worked in the past, so...)

Mike Blackwood

In addition to every studio release of most of the below bands, I have:

The Green Disk
The BSM Interview disk
The E&S&M Interview disk
My home-made b-sides collection (complete, excluding remixes)
Moose Noises (live 1980 Royal Antler Hotel)
Live at El Mocombo (Toronto 1983, full gig)
Oils On The Water (live Goat Island 1985)
Live in Christchurch 1988
Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club, live & acoustic 1994
No Beds Are Burning (live Hamburg, germany 1996, 2 disks)
Surf's Up Tonight (live Narrabeen Sands 1996)
Redneck Ramblings (live Penrith 1998)
Versions, Live (my compilation of live tracks that predate the released
                versions and/or differ widely from the released 
                versions... includes 3 Capricornia tracks, and the 
                unreleased song Stand Your Ground)
Rusty-wheeled Roadtrain - the complete remixes plus 4 alternate versions
The Redneck Files - 1998 interviews interlaced with album & live tracks
Bed Are Burning Live (live Wembley Arena 1990)
Magnus Goes To The Show (live State Theatre, sydney, August 22, 2000,  
                         2 disks)
Capricornia in Vancouver (live May 2002, 2 disks, poor sound quality)
Tavern Hill 2001 (2 disks)
MTV Unplugged 1994 VCD 
Capitol Theatre 1982 VCD 
Goat Island 1985 VCD (2 disks)
Montreal 1985 VCD (2 disks)
The Real Thing 2000 VCD

Midnight Oil Tribute, Volumes 1 through 3

Live at the Espy, 1996 (2 disks, includes very different early versions of 
                        3 Fibromoon tracks,plus the unreleased track "I Am 
                        The One")

The "Fuzzface" ep, "Hunting Party" ep, and rare studio Ghostwriters songs 
(Funambulist, Stand For Something, Tears of St. Lawrence, World Is Almost 
At Peace (remix), and the "single edit" of Impossible Shame) on one disk

Live in California, 2 gigs, 1998
Welcome to My Kitchen (the complete non-album tracks as of Dec 2001) 

B-sides 1978-1991 (2 disks)
Forever (non-album tracks and rarites, side-projects, etc)
Japanese Whispers/The Top (their 2 out-of-print albums on one cd-r)

Live at Tyrones Jan 10 1981 (2 disks)
Live at Madison, Wisconsin 1982 
Live at Boca Raton, Florida 1984
Live at the Hammersmith Palais, London UK 1985
Gravity - live in Florida, 1989
Green Murmurings - live at the Fox Theatre, Atlanta, 1989
       (2 disks.  They played all of Murmur and all of Green in sequence)
Live & acoustic on KCRW, San Fransisco 1991
Live in Koln, Germany 2001 (one disk without the encore, 2 disks with it)
Unreleased Songs (30 of them on 2 disks, demos and live cuts)
Prodigal Menagerie - a 10-disk non-album track compilation

Radioactive (2 gigs, all of Brighton Zap Club 1991 and 6 tracks from 
             Finsbury Park 1992)
Eight Year Half Life (live in California 1995 + 7 unreleased songs)
Live in Chicago, 1992 
Finsbury Park, 1992 (full gig from 2002 BBC6 rebroadcast)
Too Scarce By Half - An exhaustive non-0.522 b-sides compilation
The complete LIVE b-sides and promo-only tracks (inc. Wolverhampton EP) 
First to Fall - 10 early demos + 4 live unreleased songs
The Hamster That Ate K'Ford (their 1st demo tape, put on cd-r)
Stourbridge Town Hall 1988 (13 tracks, 11 of which are unreleased, Tracy 
                            on backing vocals)

Something More (2 gigs, 1990/1991)
Swirl - a comprehensive 2-disk non-album track compilation

Live at the Junction, Cambridge UK, 23/11/200
Live in Preston UK, 1997
b-sides & rarities - 2 disks of stuff left off of the albums and the 
                     official b-sides compilation

B-sides and rarities (2 disks, includes a live show from Oslo)

Live in Milan, Sept 30 1992
Ride ep
Play ep
Nowhere lp
Today Forever ep
Going Blank Again lp

La Rose Noir (a dozen or so b-sides, compiled)