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[Powderworks] Chemical Ali, man or myth?

Brian Jacobs suncrush@lycos.com
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 11:07:50 +1200

Some of us (chemists) are in fact so sensible, that we get the hell out of chemistry and study something more fun.  Like Archaeology.


Hyvää ilta lintuseni,
Hyvää ilta kultaseni,
Hyvää ilta nyt,
Minun oma armahani!

On Wed, 9 Apr 2003 18:12:01   
 Beth Curran wrote:
>Beth the chemist would like to take this opportunity to formally
>register a protest against the use of the word "chemical" as a
>pejorative, on the grounds that it degrades her honorable profession.
>We chemists are at enough of a social disadvantage without that.  And
>may I point out that most chemists are sensible enough to complete our
>education while still young, so that we don't have to write papers at an
>advanced age.
>*ouch* Bruce, quit smacking me!
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>Yo Powderposse,
>Wouldn't CHEMICAL ALI be an excellent name for a rapper?
>And who bequeathed upon said dude such a high and mighty handle?
>And guess who has 4 papers due next week and is procrastinating like
>bruce in calgary
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