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[Powderworks] When we rocked in the free world

Tom Spencer tr_espen@yahoo.com.au
Tue, 8 Apr 2003 09:03:49 +1000 (EST)

Dear Bruce,

'Spy v Spy', and 'Hunters and Collectors' readily come
to mind as concerned about the earth, social justice
and finding a real purpose in between the
drive-throughs, but older, boozier bands like 'Cold
Chisel' who were originally the Oils contemporaries,
also had songs such as 'Khe San' (about a war
veteran's horrors and not finding fulfillment upon
returning to suburban life), and 'Ita' (a song about
Mrs Buttrose, a famous editor of the 'Women's Weekly'

Crowded House (from NZ, but often seeming happy to be
ID'd as from Oz), had songs like '(Can I have another
piece of) Chocolate Cake', with the refrain 'I saw
Elvis Presley walk into a 7-11, and a woman gave birth
to a baby, then bowled 257. Well, the excess of fat on
your American bones, Will cushion the impact as you
sink like a stone.' Harsh stuff, but there it is.
Usually, however, the Crowdies seemed more concerned
with personal issues.

Hope this helps,

Tom S.

> Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 15:46:50 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Bruce Robertson <the_oil_fish@yahoo.ca>
> To: powderworks@cs.colorado.edu
> Subject: [Powderworks] Oils and their ilk in Oz
> Greetings Powderkinder!
> I am compiling a list of bands from Australia that
> deal with similar stuff to the Oils. If you get a
> chance, could you post me with suggestions for
> listening/sharing?
> It's for a short paper that investigates the c.
> 1960's-70's New Songs movement of Latin American
> folk singers. Kind of asking 'where have all the
> flowers gone?' - that sort of thing. I'm proposing
> that some form of the same thing - ie
> concientization - has taken hold in Australia, with
> the Oils being premier exponents. It gives me a
> chance to write about the world's best band and
> their cause (and get credit too) and I couldn't
> think of a better resource than this list.
> The basic themes are concientization (awakening),
> social justice, ecology, violence, exploitation,
> peace, revolution... all the usual 'oily' stuff.
> (And they have to be Australian bands.)
> Appreciate any of you taking the time to help me
> out. If you want to post your suggested lists to
> Powderworks, it might make for interesting reading -
> if nobody objects? Or just email off list if you'd
> rather. Thanks again.
> cheers,
> bruce in calgary

Put down that weapon, or we'll all be gone.
You must be crazy, if you think you're strong.
         - Midnight Oil

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