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[Powderworks] Re: E&S&M

Beth Curran bcurran@columbus.rr.com
Sat, 5 Apr 2003 09:03:53 -0500

My almost 44-year old heart frickin' bleeds for you, son.  *snort*  Yer
only as old as you feel.

Hey, isn't PG coming up on 50?  (We have the same birthdate, what a
coincidence)  We should all hope to look that good at 50.  Maybe we
Workers should do something to commemorate this milestone? - Beth

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My god, I'm getting old.  I was in Junior High when E&S&M came out.  

Hyvää ilta lintuseni,
Hyvää ilta kultaseni,
Hyvää ilta nyt,
Minun oma armahani!

On Fri, 4 Apr 2003 22:15:53   
 Powdworker wrote:
>Hey, Roger and Rhonda --
>Count me in as another adoring fan of "Outbreak of Love," right from
the time 
>the album came out!!!! 
>Next month, I believe, it will make a full 10 years since ESM came out
>Back to lurking,
>Patty in Maryland
>In a message dated 4/4/2003 5:46:29 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
>rbonastre@eresmas.com writes:
>> Yes!!....I really love "Outbreak of love"......and Bushfire.
>> roger
>> > I *love* E&S&M....as with all MO releases, it's totally different
>> from its
>> > predecessor and its subsequent release, and offers a variety of
>> E&S&M
>> > has a real sensuality coming through that I don't hear quite as
much on
>> other
>> > albums (not saying it's ABSENT, just not as obvious).  Judging from
>> last
>> > "best fave/least fave" survey on here awhile ago, I may be one of
>> only
>> > people that really adores "Outbreak of Love."  Though it's hard to
>> out of
>> > so many awesome tunes, "Now or Never Land" has been my absolute
>> ever
>> > since the Milwaukee show last July.  ;-)
>> >

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