Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] What lyrics!

Jussi Korhonen jussihk@kolumbus.fi
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 11:42:26 +0300

On Wed, 25 Sep 2002 19:37:28 +1200, Brian Jacobs wrote:

>I was thinking today, one of my favorite things about the Oils is
>the fact that their lyrics are so consistently good.  And, when they
>do miss, they aren't cringe-worthy.

An excellent point. Some of the music I like as lyrical weaknesses 
that embarass me so much that I don't like to play the music to my 
friends. But even early Oils songs - meaning those on the first two 
albums, for example - are lyrically good enough. I wouldn't call Oils 
lyrics brilliant - I don't often find brilliant single thoughts in 
them, but as a whole the song lyrics are very good.

However there are some Oils songs I like to skip when I play the 
records (to other people), mostly songs that feature "chanting". For 
example Now or Neverland, or the end of Under the Overpass. I don't 
know why, but they sound somewhat embarassing to me and I don't want 
to make anyone else feel the same. 

Anyway, Midnight Oil doesn't make pop songs with bad pop lyrics - 
that's definitely one more thing that makes the songs last more than 
just a few weeks. 

>Did I ask too much?
>More than a lot?
>You gave me nothing
>Now it's all I got.

Imagine something like this as one verse in one of the more 
meaningful Oils songs, and what it would do to the band's