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[Powderworks] (NMOC) Canadian Celebrities

Bruce Robertson the_oil_fish@yahoo.ca
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 14:50:06 -0400 (EDT)

G'day Fellow Workers,

     To be Canadian is to say you're sorry. We've made
it into a national pastime. It may be a kind of
genetic flaw derived from the cold. Sorry about that.


BTW ~ Mike, did you hear about Snorri, the Icelandic
Newf? First Noram born Viking, apparently, who's hut
they unearthed in Iceland last week. Seems he was
quite a legend these past 1 000 years - the first
Canadian celebrity export, and the first Newf to leave
home to make it rich, I'd allow b'y   :)

--- Mike Blackwood <mikeb@cs.mun.ca> wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Sep 2002, Brian Jacobs wrote:
> > On Sat, 21 Sep 2002 18:03:27  
> >  rumoursofglory wrote:
> > >What about Bruce Cockburn?
> > 
> > Was he one of the Kids in the Hall, 'cause I want
> an apology for them, too.
> No, that was Bruce McCullough.  The Kids are
> brilliant, so I guess they 
> have to apologize for putting all their US
> contemporaries to shame, huh? 
> ;-)
> Mike
> ps:  I'm from Newfoundland, the oldest part of the
> british empire 
> (re-re-discovered, after the natives 9000 years ago
> and the vikings 1000 
> years ago, by John Cabot in 1497) and the newest
> Canadian province (signed 
> up in 1949).  Were were a quasi-independant country
> until 1949, and gave 
> more per-capita to the ww1 war effort that anybody
> other than the UK.  
> Canada wasn't too far behind, though they actually
> sent conscripts to the 
> front.  The war was over before Newfoundland needed
> to send over 
> conscripts!  
> Anyway, we Canucks have our transgressions like any
> other nation, 
> but I think we've earned the right to eport whatever
> culture we want into 
> the world after the various roles we've played.
> (Canadians wrote the UN 
> charter of human rights, invented time-zones,
> invented UN peacekeeping).  
> We have no right to force that culture on anyone, of
> course, but we have a 
> right to export it to any receptive market without
> apology....
> And the US pop-culture engine has exported enough
> dross that I'm suprised 
> you had the guts to complain about Canuck exports! 
> ;-)
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