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[Powderworks] frame for LP

rbnorton@attbi.com rbnorton@attbi.com
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 18:39:23 +0000

Hi Bart,

There is a store called "Restoration Hardware" here in 
Seattle (they also have online shopping).  They have 
these cool chrome or black frames designed specifically 
to show off your 12" LPs.  I picked one up for my signed 
copy of Scream in Blue, and will probably get a bunch 
more for my other albums.  I think you can order them 
online here for about US$26 each:


Hope that helps!

Seattle, WA, USA
> Hi all,
> Because of the beautifull artwork on the LP-covers, i want to hang all my LP's 
> on the wall.  Now i am looking for a frame to put in a LP. I can't find standard 
> frames for LP's and it is too expensive to let it specialy made.  There must be 
> somewhere standard frame's for sale, i'm sure. Can somebody help me?
> Blue skies
> bart
> bart@vliegt.nl