Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: NMOC On a slight tangent...

Cynthia Kalisz ckarat@hotmail.com
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 07:07:14 -0500

>From : redzed84 <redzed84@yahoo.com>

I just finished reading Andrew McMillan's "Strict
Rules" ...  This book made me wonder if there are any
Native American musicians similar to the Warumpis or
Yothu Yindi. Only ones I could come up with are Robbie
Robertson & Bill Miller. Bill Miller occasionally gets
a little too close to country/western. Any others?


I'm not sure what connection you are looking for since I've never read the 
book.  Since you do mention Robbie Robertson though, I'll go out on a limb 
and recommend an musician/activist I've followed for a while, seen perform a 
few times and recommend his music - John Trudell. Here's the link to his 
website. Don't miss his bio and involvement with AIM!


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