Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] My 2c on non-a's and least faves

tone poem taralys@hotmail.com
Mon, 09 Sep 2002 08:58:43 +1000

my 0.02c (AUD, or roughly; half a wooden nickel)

step 1 - non a's

PWAP - Basement Flats
10,9 - Tin Legs
RSITSS - Helps Me, Helps You.
D&D - Artic World
BSM - Antartica
RW - Blot
C - Tone Poem (duh ;)

step 2 - least faves -
are you kidding? i do not have a least fave album! I have tracks that I 
don't like all that much.
(Bushfire, Common Gorund, Written In The Heart, In The Rain, One Too Many 


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