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[Powderworks] (powd) Sunday night gig

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How could he not be impressed with Rob's drumming?
Geez he must be hard to please!

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The lead vocals on Kosciuszko go pretty high in the refrain, especially at the end of the phrase "Now they wanna be . . . ."  The backup line, though,
is very good and very melodious itself, and, although it's fairly high, it's considerably easier for a man to sing.  I can belt out the lead line, but
it's sometimes a struggle.

A few weeks ago I was beginning to join a local rock band as its lead singer, and we were talking about our favorite songs.  So I took a recording of
Kosciuszko and a copy of the score and sang along with it.  I took the lower line in the refrain, though, with the suggestion that a member of the
band with a higher voice take the top line.  The other fellows eyes still popped wide-open, though, when I sang the second voice in that refrain.

The drummer in that little proto-band had a listen to some of the other songs and a look at my copy of Oil Drums, a Midnight Oil beat book with a
selection of a few songs (including Kosciuszko, I think), but he wasn't particularly impressed with Rob Hirst's drumming.  That turned out to be one
of many reasons I left those guys on their own to form their band.  I'll have to find another group of musicians, if I really feel like being in a

I was writing some songs for the band, and they were cutting their teeth on some Allman Brothers and Credence tunes, most of which I was able to sing,
but we just didn't see eye-to-eye musically.  This has always been one of the two or three things I've found most impressive about the Oils at their
best: when they were musically in synch with each other and were able to keep it going for years at a time.  That's also a large part of why Redneck
Wonderland makes so little sense to me.  Place without a Postcard and Head Injuries and Diesel and Dust and Blue Sky Mining and so on and so forth for
most of the rest of the albums: they're cogent and intelligent and musical.  I'm all for new experiences (and, after all, the Blue Meanie and Blue Sky
, for instance, are pretty different from each other, but they're also both very good), but I also want to find something worthwhile on the first
listen, and, if I don't, then I don't want to punish myself by listening over and over to something I don't like.  If a piece of music doesn't work
for you on the first try, you're not getting it or it's not good music.  If it's the former, then maybe you need to listen more.  I don't see myself
putting Redneck Wonderland back in the CD player again anytime soon.


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 Can't speak for the Mingara gig, but at Campbelltown Peter took the vocal
 duties for Kosciuosko with Rob only on backup.


 <<<sounds like an awesome show....you mind answering the as yet unanswered
 question..........WHO sang Kosciusko ?>>>>

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