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[Powderworks] shellharbour

rick rickysan@speedlink.com.au
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 12:44:24 +1100

         Actually in my case i would have preferred no explanation about
McCartney because i think it is a pissweak excuse.

          It is at this time when people need cheering up and maybe he could
have tied in some charity appearance to raise money for victims.

           But hey,who i'm I to question Sir Paul?I'm just hoping he

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> At least McCartney gave a reason (out of respect for the
> Australian victims of the Bali bombing, "this is not an
> appropriate time for a rock concert ... blah blah blah").
> We've heard NOTHING more from the Oils, it's the second time
> they've done it to us, we're the ones who try and support them,
> we deserve better.
> On 27 Oct 2002 at 21:18, rick wrote:
> >            I'd bought tickets to see McCartney in Melbourne and my
> > brother told me today he has cancelled so i know the feeling.I was
> > just lucky in the fact that i haven't bought my plane ticket yet.
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