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[Powderworks] (powd) Sunday night gig

alistair king alistairking@hotmail.com
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 05:11:25 +0000

Gday everyone
Just a quick report on the gig last night at Mingara on the Central Coast of 

First things first - I thought the first band, Sneak, were pretty good. They 
had a few people up dancing in the crowd and many raised eyebrows and 
enthusiatic nods and cheers as they blasted out 45 minutes of songs that are 
probably somwhere between the Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots and Tonic. 
Warmly enjoyed by the crowd.

Next was Diesel - he managed to get the crowd really quite revved up - 
probably the most enthusiastic response I have ever seen to an oils support 
act. Apparently supporting the oils used to be a fairly daunting task, but 
diesel seemed to flourish in it - he had the crowd singing along to some of 
his radio hits from a few years ago, and tried out some of his new stuff.  
When he finished however, it seemed as though everyone suddenly realised 
that the oils were about to come on stage and the atmosphere raised a few 

This was probably one of the best oils concerts I have seen, the crowd were 
generally pretty well behaved (generally. .. .) and the oils truly went off. 
Pete did a little speech interspersed with harmonica at the start but the 
crowd was so noisy I couldnt really hear what he was saying!
The first song was the poignant US Forces, after which he told the crowd 
that they would run the concert by letting the audience decide what songs 
they should play, and everyone began to madly look for something to write on 
and a pen of some sort, and for the next few songs there was a storm of 
scrunched up bits of paper flying up on stage with requests from the bizarre 
to the classic. The best I could do was to try to write 'Koala Sprint' on my 
arm with an old pen - I was trying so hard and for so long I think it was 
pretty much written in blood!! I can still see it scratched on my arm this 
morning.  The girl next to me had Kosciusko written across her chest which 
the guys all saw and smiled at - sure enough it was played!

Anyway they played for about 90min or so - my memory is a bit faded already 
(as is my hearing) but the set list looked a bit like this:

US Forces (Rob up front at start)
Luritja Way
No Reaction (with Rob up front!)
One Country
Jimmy Sharmans Boxers
Too Much Sunshine
The Dead Heart
No Time for Games
Brave Faces
The Real Thing
Redneck Wonderland

Golden Age
Power and the Passion

I still cant hear quite properly yet, but I have a big smile on my face
All the best everyone

I recommend to those that are going to the next few gigs that they take a 
black texta and paper if they want a certain song to be played!
Also, I knew Jims beard was big, but not that big!!

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