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[Powderworks] Euro Tour Cancelled

afromme@gmx.de afromme@gmx.de
Thu, 24 Oct 2002 14:55:10 +0200 (MEST)

...my personal secret hope (don't tell anybody) is that it's just some
pervert hacker's joke.
I.e. somebody's hacked his way into their website to play a sick joke on
European fans.

Although for some reason it's not very likely, I guess...

Luckily, I hadn't booked the flight to Amsterdam yet, but I AM very
sympathetic of you as I was just about to book that flight when I read that the tour
has been cancelled.
Narrow escape there.

And yes, a reason would've been nice (is probably going to be posted a
little later on - as unsatisfying as that might be). And the prospect of future
dates (i.e. postponing the dates instead of cancelling them - for the 2nd
consecutive year) would be even better.

Although I'll be very reluctant to buy tickets all too soon the next time
around, to save myself from the trouble of having to return them again - just
in case, you know...

gotta run and beat my fists bloody against the next available wall, just to
calm down a bit.
(OK, I AM exaggerating a little here, but it does give an idea of how
dramatic this cancellation is to me and probably a lot of you out there.)



> I too am pissed off at this! I organised a trip down to the London gig
> from Scotland. Besides the dissapointment I now have all the hassle of
> to get my money back from various companies.
> An explanation would have been nice!
> David
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