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[Powderworks] Scandinavia....please??

Synne Hansen synne.hansen@hfstud.uio.no
Thu, 24 Oct 2002 11:59:11 +0200

Totally... Just bought my ticket for Oz, open return comes to a 
blood-dripping 8690,- NOK - horrible! And so a trip to London, Berlin or 
Paris, while otherwise both welcome and joy-inspiring, is simply out of the 
question.. Now, Sweden on the other hand.. or Denmark..
Besides... going through my stuff last night, getting rid of rubbish before 
my move (Q: How much junk, garbage and useless thingies can a 24-year-old 
collect and cherish? A: Way way too much - about four large black bags for 
my loud garbage-men and another two for the Salvation Army), I found an 
article from way back in 1997, where Peter Garrett says "We'll be coming to 
Norway next year!" Well.. according to the journalist anyway. Being one 
myself, I must admit we sometimes stretch the truth a bit, but... Come on! 
Scandinavia is a nice place. We don't fight much, we smile despite the snow 
and our six month winter. And although a large number of people actually 
like the music they play on the radio, we're not totally backwards or 
simple.. So.. please?

At 09:46 24.10.2002 +0200, Duane Heath wrote:
>Five dates in Germany but nothing anywhere near - financially anway -
>Scandinavia? I hold out a candle of hope but I fear it's to be snuffed out
>pretty soon by a snowy wind. Having just paid 7,500 kronor to an airline to
>get me back to Africa for the summer, there's no cash flow to even get to
>Amsterdam! Crushed...and that's not just an empty word when it comes to the
>feelings when you're starting to make peace with the fact that you may never
>see the Oils again. Funny thing, it was exactly eight years ago to the day I
>was in the middle of the week of my life, between my first and second Oils
>gigs of what I thought at the time would be many. October 2002, and that
>number's still two. Crushed. And to rub it in, mates from London phone
>boasting they're off to their sixth or whatever show, guys who still think
>Diesel and Dust was their last good album. Oh, I'm just a bitter and twisted
>young man.....
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