Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: Too Much Video

Rhonda kayak@sympatico.ca
Sun, 20 Oct 2002 13:40:37 -0400

Beth wrote:

> Workers of the world unite, Beth is feeling a little silly this
> evening after an accidental (yeah, sure) overpouring of the bottle of
> gin and consequently is not in the mood for any political chat.
> However, the democratic process must forge ahead.  Now taking votes on
> the high and low points from a certain DVD.  Here are my nominees:
> Low point:  Who the hell gave the fashion advice for Read About It?
> The faux jumpsuit look just doesn’t work, especially Rob – he looks
> like he’s wearing a black lace bra.  Sad.  Really sad.  The newspaper
> suit is great, but that’s it.

IMHO, I think Giffo looks pretty good in his.   The others....just had
to wonder WHAT they were thinking?!?!   (maybe Rob's got some strange
clothes fetishes we have yet to learn about??  Jim certainly seems to) hehe

Happy hangover,
Rhonda  :-)