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[Powderworks] Euro Tour.....It's Happening :o)))

larrikin larrikin@lineone.net
Sat, 19 Oct 2002 14:19:52 +0100

On 19 Oct Maurice R. Kelly wrote:

>This is working out to be the best birthday/christmas
>period I've ever had!!! :-)

Happy to be of some use surfing over the web like a mad man that early in
the morning :o)
and I've got a funny feeling it might even get better!

If you look at the venue's schedule , you can see heavy traffic before the
16th and then a large gap until ( 21st) the next gig.....so me thinks if it
sells out quick.... we get another gig (17th )??!! ;o)
Before the boys go home for X-mas ?!

On the other hand what about 11, 12, 13 December ??
North Germany ....Scandinavia maybe ???

Same with the 7th and the 8th........
Nord Italy perhaps ?

Now where's my magic crystal ball ;o)

Keeping our fingers crossed,


PS 1. About the Paris tickets :

Fnac sells them , but ticketnet.fr ( at 4AM this morning ) stated  "tickets
sold out on the Internet" ???

Now it states :  This manifestation is closed for the sale on the Web.....?
Yet... I could buy Strasbourg tickets on their website.

I also found the phone nr for booking ( via the other phone nr on their
website )  it's : 0033146915757.( they post abroad )
The nice lady spoke (luckily for me) good English and told me that the
tickets for the Paris gig are not on sale yet , but will go.... any day now.
Confused??!!......you won't be after this next episode
of.....Soap.....ehhhh.... Ticketnet ;o)

PS 2. On Fri, 18 Oct Uli wrote:

>I've just bought three tickets for me, my wife and my
>7 year old son for the concert in Oberhausen in Germany.

>Any interests in a pre-concert meeting?

Sure Uli..you can sign us up :o)

Are your familiar with the Oberhausen venue and it's surroundings....Pubs ?


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